My Experience. . .

Hi friends. . . this is moment that I’ve been waiting for and I’m happy to share my experience,beginning my class until practical work. My felling first that I’ve class is so proud!!! It’s strange really?? Hahaa..because I’m not a teenager anymore,,I have to think maturely,with responsibility and need adjudgement to solve any problem.

The felling of joy and sadness are mixed together in my mind..for the example must have the placement test,MANAGE until adaptation with new situation like new friends,new education and all in ITS!!

The schedule lessons it’s full with practical work,whatsmore if the practical lessons is beggin after calss,,from day until evening..When the fisrt practical work, I forget to make First duty a.k.a TP with 2 hours left before practical work I have to rush to do first duty,,  and finally I can do well!!

Every tutor and the other groups are  different,some are seriously,some are take it easily.If the tutor doesn’t not seriously,so the pratican have lost feeling about the modul..

When I become the tutor,, I fell tired because I must to finished my team matery,that is Microsoft Access,, can you imagine??Tomorrow my team have the presentation but,at night still nothing don’t have the matery,,so at 7 pm until 2 am my teamwork have to rush to do that matery. . this is need sacrifice to do and finally i wish,my team have a good mark!! :D :D


This photo with my lovely friends when we get TD

This is photo when my class have practical work about corel draw lessons

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  1. weeeeeewww....

    ngemeng2 artina apa'an yaaa....

    keren jen..keren....

    bakat nulis ternyata dirimu ntu...

  2. oke jen..
    menyenangkan sekali kok memang.
    gak kerasa ya, udah hampir satu semester. :(